Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reimagining Works - Opportunity for artists

My new sculpture project is a commission through the Dayton Metro Library Reimagining Works initiative

Reimagining Works is a fantastic opportunity for local artists (250 mile radius of Dayton) to submit responses to the 17 RFPs. It is all part of the Libraries for a Smarter Future project

Dayton Metro Library (DML) is making a huge investment in the improvement of library facilities. They are renovating existing library branches to accommodate new uses and creating new branch facilities. Part of that investment is commissioning art work for the buildings. There will be a mix of 2D and 3D commissions.

Here's another cool part. DML has partnered with the Dayton Art Institute (DAI)  for Reimagining Works. The process is that art pieces from the DAI permanent collection are shown to the users of the libraries and the general public. The users get to vote which pieces should be used to inspire the artists who will create the permanent art pieces for the library. The artist then uses these inspirations to build out their idea. This ties together the commissioned art work, the artist, the community, the library experience, and artwork that lives in the Dayton Art Institute collection.

My commission is the first of 17 possible projects. If you're interested in submitting a proposal there are three more RFPs open right now. But hurry - the deadline for these next three is August 7th. Keep watching the Reimagining Works site; there are 13 more RFPs to come! 

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