Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You drink while I paint @ Art in the City

On May 8th from 5pm to 8pm I will be working on some of my Line Pattern series paintings at the Belle of Dayton distillery. Please drop by, look at the paintings, and chat with me while I paint. 

I will have several finished paintings on display. Let's do an experiment - come to Belle's and before you drink take the time to look at my paintings. Then have a flight of Belle's Vodka, Rum, and Rye. When you're done, look at my paintings again and fill out this short survey:

1. After your drink did you like my paintings more? (Did they get better or did it just seem that way to you?)
2. Do the abstract / non-representational lines suddenly have deep meaning for you?  (If so, then you really need to sit for a while before heading home.)
3. Do you find yourself counting lines and trying to figure out which line is on top of what other lines? (It amuses your friends, keep trying.)

If you liked having art work while you had your drink at Belle's, then buy a bottle to take home to thank the brothers LaSelle for letting me paint there. If you really liked the distillery's products then buy a painting to take home to remind you of the great time you had. :^)

The event is part of Art in the City a city-wide event organized by the Downtown Dayton Partnership. There are going to be a lot of art-related events around town that night. After you visit with me at Belle's check out the other artists doing demos in other businesses, browse the art galleries, watch a street art competition, watch murals being painted, listen to live music, or go make art of your own at one of the art stations! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Official Sculpture Opening and Art Workshop for Kids

Kiser School and Barney & Smith sculptures
@ Electra C. Doren Library, Property of Dayton Metro Library
Hope you can come out to the opening for my sculptures on May 15th and sign your kids up for a workshop I'm doing on May 9th. 

On Saturday May 9th from 1pm to 3pm I’m going to be doing a workshop for children K-4 + Tweens at the Electra C. Doren Library. If you're in the Dayton area, consider signing up your kids. Spaces are limited. EVENT LINK

It’s called Designing Spaces Art Workshop and it is part of the ReImagining Works commission I did for the Dayton Metro Library. I’m going to take the kids through an ideation session where they pick something important in their lives, and sketch it out. Then I’m going to teach them the paper cutout techniques I used when I designed the sculptures for the Electra C. Doren reading terrace. Their artwork will be on display the following week at the sculpture opening and terrace dedication ceremony.

Waterworks, Duncarrick Mansion, and Kossuth Colony
@ Electra C. Doren Library, Property of Dayton Metro Library
On Friday May 15th from 4pm to 6pm there is an opening for my sculptures at the Dayton Metro Library dedication ceremony for the new reading terrace at the Electra C. Doren Library. LIBRARY LINK 

Though you've been able to see the sculptures since January this is the official opening because it is now warm enough to hang out outside and enjoy the sculptures!

The event will have celebratory remarks, thanks and recognition to donations making the reading terrace possible, and ReImagining works will open the terrace and my sculptures in a ribbon cutting ceremony. I will be giving a brief presentation on the inspiration, process, and images for the sculptures. Then I will be on the terrace to give tours of the artwork and have conversations. An added plus is that there will be free hotdogs for the first ~200 people and entertainment by Lithuanian dancers. Though I have Lithuanian heritage, you will be glad to know, I am NOT going to be taking part in the dancing. 

Hope to see you at the opening!