Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Sculpture Commission - New Blog

I have a new commission for a steel outdoor public sculpture. I want to ensure that the local and remote community can follow the creation of this commission project from end to end without having to come to the studio to look over my shoulder. In addition to this blog, I will tweet about the project on my Twitter account @KallArt, and post images on my Flickr album Electra C. Doren Sculpture Commission

The local community will have the sculpture as part of their library experience so they are my customer for the sculpture, and I want their feedback during the process. Even if you're not local I'd like your comments and questions. Please follow, retweet, and comment here, on Twitter, and Flickr.

I apologize that my blog posts won't be in chronological order in the beginning. I've already been designing and making decisions while responding to the RFP for this commission. So I'm going to be posting some current events and some recollections of steps already past in no particular order until I've "caught up" with myself.

I'm intrigued by artist's inspirations, their vision, their process, and their struggles making decisions as they create their artwork. But I have long disliked when artists talk "about" the value and impact of their artwork. I don't usually find that the value and impact of their work is enhanced by their descriptions. It usually falls flat and sounds like propaganda. So I'm going to try to remain true to my own prejudices in this blog and stick to the what, why, and how of my work, and leave the perception of value and impact of what I make to you. 


  1. Awesome Darren! Looking forward to watching this as it progresses.

  2. Thanks. It's going to be fun figuring out all the constraints and seeing what it becomes. Keep watching!